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OVALK LETTERFORMS - full alphabet

OVALK LETTERFORMS - full alphabet

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eye-catching! Fill your empty walls with this artsy alphabet and be prepared for the viewer to start a subject of conversation. A font never seen before. 

Original work by Maria Bethania Lopez @mmbbllaa

Each Canvas H 10" x W 8"
Acrylic on Canvas
Installation Suggestion:
1" between each canvas
Project Concept:
"Ovalk" is a series of letterforms designed by using the shape of an oval. In Greek mythology the oval stood for eternity. What you offer to the world makes you infinite.

There is a hook-like detail present in each letterform, representing the beginning and end of an individual. The use of negative space impersonates the ups, downs, and changes of direction in a person's life path. Every letter is formed by a different path, just as
us humans.

"Ovalk" is a positive reminder that every person needs to trust their own journey, even if they don't understand it.
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