A talent that emerged from Covid 19.

"La de los Ositos"

Gabriela Rivera born in 1992 in El Salvador has always been interested in art since child, she considers herself as a self-taught artist among different techniques such as resin, acrylic painting and mixed media.

She got her bachelors in marketing & business administration and graduated from LSU and returned to El Salvador. She is currently in the plastic recycling industry focused in CSR and marketing. She recently got her master’s degree in Business Administration in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

During the pandemic in 2020 she found herself with the artistic facet of her life that has led her to work with the gummy bear sculptures that are now present in different galleries such as Galeria el Tunel in Guatemala and The Hunt virtual gallery. She has taken her art to different parts of the world such as Europe, US and Central and South America through all her clients. A part of her sales is donated to children with cancer through a non-profit foundation called “Ayudame a vivir”.

Art is a way of life and it has changed mine since it started to be my part time job, I have found and identified myself more than I had ever been. Resin is definitely not easy, but I love the process and above all I love the way I have made mistakes until making it right with practice. – Gaby

Instagram: @gabyrivera.arte

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