A Mom-Daughter Business

Collectible Design | One is never enough.

Created by Gaby Schattan and Deby Oizerovici in 2021, by Gabs was born from a partnership between mother and daughter. By Gabs is a design brand that brings together handmade sculptures, incorporating personality and vivacity into home decor.

Designed to be seen through many perspectives, the pieces bring lightness, movement and fluidity. All the collections have gained in the market and conquered important personalities and lovers of design universe.

In their launches, they prioritize visionary and surprising collections, which enhance the brand's DNA.

The pieces are hand made, in majority involving Fine Prints paper of drawings in colored pencils and folded one by one to give movement and perspective. Each color represents different emotions and each drawing honors a different country, city, beach or even neighborhood.

Finally, as pieces are framed in acrylic boxes.

Instagram: @by.gabs_

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