Creator of the world's biggest open-air-exhibition

"Meninas Madrid Gallery"

Ines DiezCanseco

Antonio was born and raised in Venezuela. His Italian and Spanish roots along with his opportunity of living in multiple cities of the world, makes him a citizen of the world.

Been formed in the engineer, business, marketing, and interior design field has given him the technical and artistic training to develop his Meninas Gallery project.  

4 open-air exhibitions, with the participation of more than 20 artists who have collaborated with Azzato to bring the art to the people transmitting a message through the Meninas as a blank canvas.

He has raised more than 550K euros for different charitable foundations. The work of Azzato has positioned the silhouette of the Menina as the new Icon of the city of Madrid in the world. Azzato currently resides in the city of Madrid, leading his new project “Velázquez Tech Museum”, @velazqueztech a new space where art and technology are mixed to give the public an immersive and sensorial experience.

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